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ThinkGen is a global marketing research and brand strategy consultancy dedicated to helping life science companies develop and commercialize life improving treatments and technologies by providing superior customer understanding. 
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We are a world-class team of experienced market research consultants who collaborate and innovate to deliver superior insights to our clients. We work across dozens of therapeutic categories and at every stage of the lifecycle. Our clients include early stage, venture-funded start-ups to the largest health science companies. We are not tied to any one single methodology and bring to bear tried and true as well as customized, innovative approaches to meet the specific needs of each engagement. We pride ourselves on digging deeper to understand how things really work.
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A True All-Star Team

Tenured. Empathetic.

Complex Disease Expertise

Including rare diseases & emerging technologies.

Focused on Habit Formation

Research that bridges clinical and behavioral sciences.

ThinkGen builds thought partnerships with our clients to ensure the research surfaces the insights and provides the direction to help them make strategic decisions confidently.

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July 2023

Your Brand Plan is Missing a Behavioral Pillar: Habit Lens Insights℠ with special guest Jamie Hadac, Ph.D. – Part 2

July 2023

Your Brand Plan is Missing a Behavioral Pillar: Habit Lens Insights℠ with special guest Jamie Hadac, Ph.D. – Part 1

July 2023

What is the Habit Lens℠ – Part 3?

ThinkGen at a Glance

Deep Therapeutic Knowledge

Profound understanding of treatment areas delivers better insights

Innovative, Behavioral Sciences-based Research

Bridging the gap between clinical & behavioral sciences

All-Star Research Team

Our researchers have 17 years of experience on average 70% have advanced degrees & 50% of those have a Ph.D

Delighting Clients for Over a Decade

Founded in 2010 by Noah Pines

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Noah Pines


Nipa Clayton


Deanna Whitlock


Michael Galvin


Julia Jones


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