Leading the Way in Health Care Marketing Research

  • The customer's mindset

    Our focus blends scientific expertise with the academic principles of psychology to gain a deeper understanding of the whole customer. We recognize that today’s health care customer is shaped by a wide array of influences, and makes decisions based upon both rational and emotional factors. We therefore look at health care customers not just in terms of their knowledge and attitudes, but in terms of their mindset (thinking & being). We are leveraging new methods of data collection to more effectively understand and ultimately shape decision-making.

  • We Understand Your Needs

    We understand doing the fundamental things better is important and therefore ThinkGen is relentless in our research prowess by continually connecting the research to the business challenge, exploring the data for the subtle nuances, and looking for the unexpected learnings to move your brand forward.

  • The Science and the Data

    We understand that it starts with a deep understanding of the science and business situation. By knowing the science, shaping the right questions, and applying the right methods ThinkGen can help you to identify and report actionable and relevant insights.

What our clients say about us

Senior Product Manager

Pharma Co
ThinkGen has been our marketing research agency of record for the past several years, and has assisted our teams across multiple launch brands. We think of ThinkGen as a strategic partner that’s integrally involved in our business, for a number of reasons. They helped us map out an effective marketing research plan, they deliver actionable insights, flawlessly and on-time, and are friendly and flexible in their approach. They provide nuanced insights that paint a clear picture of both customer habits as well as a clear path forward. Their work is senior-management ready. I regard ThinkGen as a premier marketing research consultancy!


Pharma Consulting Firm

ThinkGen is a valued partner that allows us to expand our capabilities by providing voice-of-customer insights to inform a variety of projects, including acquisition and licensing projects. ThinkGen has designed their processes for efficiency, and they have consistently demonstrated that they can execute against extremely tight timelines. ThinkGen is able to quickly understand the project’s scope, leverage their resources to achieve recruitment and fielding, conduct probing interviews, and ultimately provide extremely well-written research reports that complement our consulting. Thanks to ThinkGen, we were recently able to support a client in situation where a dozen interviews had to be conceived, recruited and completed in the span of three days to support a vital and time-sensitive decision.