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November 2023

Elevating Creative Campaign Performance

Pharmaceutical marketing is undergoing a transformation to adapt to the evolving information needs and media habits of health...
September 2023

Help Physicians Crack the Correct Case: ThinkGen's Best Practices for Patient Profiles Testing

Helping healthcare providers (HCPs) match the right patient to a specific product is an increasingly challenging task for the...
August 2023

ThinkGen’s Habit Lens℠: The Missing Element of Pharmaceutical Brand Strategy

Most pharma marketing teams have a blind spot. They significantly overestimate customers’ demand for new...

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Pharma Market Research Conference

Join us 1:55PM - 2:25 PM on Wednesday, February 7th for our presentation:

From MaxDiff to Max Impact: Keyways to Maximize Your Brand Messaging Strategy

In this workshop Nipa Clayton, Senior Vice President, ThinkGen, we will introduce the ThinkSmart message optimization approach that includes platform trade-off analysis, allowing for discovery of the optimal platform on key metrics taking into consideration synergies among messages, assessing stakeholder stated preference for a message platform, individual message level understanding, and the optimal platform for various needs (number and reach), to provide a brand team all the key inputs to inform communication strategy decisions.

We hope to see you in February!

April 10-12, 2024, North Chicago, IL

Intellus Worldwide Summit

Succeeding Through Transformation

We are honored to work together with hundreds of members of our community to discuss our common challenges, share knowledge, strengthen professional networks and curate solutions that advance health insights and analytics. 

We look forward to connecting with you in April!

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