Habit Lens℠

Brand planning is routine.

ThinkGen’s Habit Lens℠ can inspire fresh thinking.

Have you used this language in brand planning sessions?


“We need to address the inertia in the market.”
“We need to make this clinical endpoint matter to physicians.”
"We need to break their habit.”


… But HOW do you actually DO this?


ThinkGen’s Habit Lens℠: The Missing Element of Pharmaceutical Brand Strategy

The Case for Evaluating Customer Habits as Part of a Successful Commercial Model

Report Summary

Pharma commercial teams have been omitting a critical pillar in their brand and launch planning activities: an intentional, systematic evaluation of customer habit. As a result, they design brand and launch plans as if their stakeholders make deliberate decisions only – when this is simply not the case. This prevents products that reflect substantial investments in R&D funding and a costly regulatory approval process from meeting their full potential – and reaching the patients who need them most.

This report describes how to incorporate the Habit LensSM in the brand planning process.


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Most pharma marketing teams have a blind spot.  

They significantly overestimate customers’ demand for new treatments, while overlooking or underestimating the behavioral inertia that must be overcome for a new product to reach the hands of patients who need them most.



Marketing teams must incorporate an intentional, systematic evaluation of customer habits at the earliest stages of launch planning and demand forecasting. 

ThinkGen’s Habit Lens℠ is a behavioral science framework we designed specifically for commercial teams in the pharmaceutical industry.  It helps teams fully grasp the drivers and barriers of behavioral inertia in order to design and calibrate their launch priorities accordingly.

Armed with a Habit Lens℠ analysis, a marketing team can step back and strategically examine the behavioral priorities for the brand. 

Hear what we have to say:

JULY 2023

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JULY 2023

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