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Dani Niblick

Dani Niblick


Dani has nearly 20 years of experience in creating innovative approaches that generate measurable and defendable insights and implications. Having previously lead the Advanced Methods team at Cerner Enviza (formerly Kantar Health) and being a trusted advisor among her clients and colleagues, Dani brings extensive experience in all aspects of research.

Dani is client-focused working with them to uncover the true business need and then converting their key questions into clean, clear, and actionable solutions to guide decision making. She has expertise in choice modeling, segmentation, key drivers, mapping, message modeling, secondary data analysis, overstatement adjustment, and other key quantitative approaches to address the needs of her clients in life science/pharmaceutical companies – across various stakeholders (HCPs, patients, caregivers, and formulary/access decision makers) for both domestic and globally-focused research.

Dani holds a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Delaware and a M.S. in Applied Statistics from Villanova University.

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