Yes, Damn It! Design Is Very Important In Health Care!!!

Check this out. Amazing. About 10 years ago, a wave of articles and books appeared that seemed to indicate that “design” was finally getting recognized as an important concept in healthcare. Wanting to keep up with the trend, I started to run around and meet with professional designers who I thought might bring value to our work with clients. But then it got very quiet. Finally, as the referenced article shows, design is starting to get a lot of serious attention in health care. Harvard and Penn are starting to get heavily into the act, and $ Billions are being spent against the design initiative. Most importantly, as this article points out, clinicians are now working with designers, which makes a lot of sense. Bottom Line. Hopefully, this time, the notion that the discipline of design has a lot to bring to health care will be allowed to be fully developed.  Read about it, think about it. There is a lot of potential here!

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