Will Anything Stick???

Check this out. What you will see is a report that the Trump Administration is working on a plan that would allow Americans to import drugs legally from Canada. Why? To permit our patients to “get the benefit of the deals” that our pharmaceutical companies have struck with other countries. Wow! Think of everything that would possibly be affected by this move. Do patient safety concerns arise as drug companies are asserting? How do patients get reimbursed for their drug spends? What happens to pharmaceutical companies profits and stock prices?

BUT. How likely is this bill to pass. I am going with “not very.” Several Trump drug price reduction initiatives have tanked recently. Remember my post on the absurdity of requiring drug companies to include drug prices in DTC advertisements? Waste of time. This errant move got trashed in Federal Court.  

The bill that would have cut out drug rebates paid by drug companies to PBM’s? Withdrawn by the White House.  

Bottom Line. And so it goes. Cockeyed notion after cockeyed notion of how to reduce drug costs to Americans biting the dust. Will that happen with this Canadian import notion? Probably!

All causing me to ask again. What kind of drug pricing approach would the American government, and the American people, find reasonable,  while still permitting drug companies to make appropriate risk adjusted profits, and what is thebest way to get there?  

The “pot shot” fixes don’t seem to be working. What will?

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