Why Would Patients Care About “Statistical Significance???”

Check this out.  What you will see is yet another article that elicits a “DUH!” when you read it. A simple premise here. The clinical trials that the FDA requires for drug approval focus on “statistical significance.” Translated, drug companies have to demonstrate that their product is better than placebo. Yeah, but…From the patient’s perspective the real question on the table sounds more like “Is this drug good enough to help me with the condition for which I am taking it without causing unacceptable side effects?” That’s different.

Bottom Line. Again, the key takeaway from this article is a simple one.  If you want your new drug introduction to succeed, your research had best indicate that it is good enough to please patients, not just the FDA. Which in turn requires getting a good understanding of what patients’ expectations are for a drug in your treatment area.

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