Why Is This Resident Smiling???

Check this out. What you will learn is that he is the “Chief Resident of Wellness” at Stanford University. Interesting in and of itself. But the plot thickens. Continuing on the theme of my most recent blog, wherein I referred you to Dr.  Pamela Wible’s presentation on practical things that can be done to reduce physician burnout, Dr. Orlovich recounts a study that found that simply granting Resident physicians a handful of “wellness days” every year can actually reduce their burnout rate.  

Could it be that we could significantly reduce physician burnout by chipping away, one by one, at the laundry list of “little things” that cause it? Note the comment made to Dr. Orlovich by a physician coming to Stanford from another residency program. “Do you know how much they charged us to park there every month?” Overcharging in the cafeteria, no call room, other little things about her previous program just, well, made her nuts!

Bottom Line. There is no question that training to be a physician is inherently hard. BUT. What happens if we reduce the nonsense that has nothing to do with the training process?

Dr. Wible told us in the previous post that such improvements can reduce burnout rate for practicing physicians. Seems that the same thing might be true for Residents.  

Is there a learning here???

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