Why Did This Take So Long???

Check this out. What you will see are descriptions of new high-tech hospital “behavioral health areas” being instituted by some hospitals to promote “calmness” in young, agitated patients awaiting care. 

This makes a lot of sense. Juxtapose the spaces described in this article, that can be custom-tailored to meet the psychological needs of a specific patient, with the cold sterile spaces in which such patients are often detained which increase, rather than decrease, their level of agitation. 

Significant literature exists on the impact of architecture and interior design on behavioral health and psychological wellbeing. One of the classics is a study that demonstrated that if you put mental patients in a building with LONG hallways, like the old state hospitals, they respond by pacing up and down those hallways. Incessantly! 

Bottom Line. While the institutions referenced in this article are certainly to be commended for redesigning their mental health spaces to be more suitable for younger patients, let me ask one more time.

What took them so long???

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