Who Do You See When You Look in The Mirror???

Check this out. What you will see is the story of a female physician who shares with us an interesting perspective. The right question to ask is not the one presented above she avers. Nope. The right question is “How do you define yourself?” 

And by way of response to that poignant question, she offers up a checklist of her personal challenges that just seemed to keep getting longer. Like being a primary care physician, which meant that she was a “jack of all trades, and master of none.” Like being a female in a profession where sex discrimination is rampant. Like worrying about medical errors. Like office politics, and poor organizational decisions, and…

And how does all of this turn out? She quits. She walks away from the myriad sources of frustration that were increasingly making up her day. That were defining her life. 

Bottom Line. AND. In a great quote, she summarizes her current situation. If she is going to pedal hard and go nowhere, she can now say without internal conflict, she is going to do it on her Peloton. 

What a great quote for us to use as a gut check as we march into 2022!!!

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