When Bad Things Happen On TV

Skeptical Scapel   No, I am not talking about summer reruns of Jeopardy episodes you have already watched. I’m talking about live video broadcast of surgeries for educational purposes. Read this blog post on the topic, view the linked video, and ask yourself a few questions. Like: 1.  Is it ever really necessary to broadcast a live procedure? 2.  Wouldn’t broadcasting videotaped surgeries be just as educational, and a heck of a lot safer? 3.  Having seen this, would you agree as a patient to have your procedure broadcast live? 4.  Should any patient? Bottom Line. Like so many things, this is one of those that I never thought about before, but makes all of the sense in the world when somebody makes you think about it. For the surgeon suddenly to add the role of “narrator,” and then worry about what her colleagues will say if something goes wrong during the procedure, doubtless raises unnecessary risk. 

Vanderveer, Videotaping surgery

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