What Will Zuckerberg Do About Live Violence on FB???


Yup. Once again unintended consequences. FB sets up its new live video service, designed to enhance its social media experience, understandably never thinking for a moment that it would be used to stream acts of violence like murder and rape. But it was! And is! Check this out. What you will see here is an article arguing that FB needs to do a better job of content monitoring. I guess that means getting videos of murders taken down more quickly??? One hour later instead of two hours later? I also guess that strikes me as a day late, dollar short solution. The deed is done!

I am reminded of a term I learned in graduate school. Demand Characteristics. Check the term out in Wikipedia. Demand characteristics are any “subtle cues” in the environment that make people behave differently. In a psychological experiment. In real life.

Bottom Line. So here is the question. Does the ability to broadcast their acts live on FB make lunatics more likely to commit unspeakable crimes? Maybe, maybe not. But we are not criminologists. What are the implications for us? 

Think about it. As marketers, we are in the business of changing behavior to make it more accepting of our (clients’) products. How can demand characteristics be used to facilitate this change? How might they get in the way?

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