What the CEO Knows!!!

Note: The first half of this blog was delivered on Tuesday, August 14. While half a blog is not necessarily better than none . . .  we wanted you to get the whole thing. The entire blog appears below. Sorry for the computer glitch.

Check this out. What you will see is an invitation to attend a seminar conducted by a former hospital CEO. What will you learn? Everything you need in order to double your sales next year, that’s what!

Ponder the topics listed and the fact that the seminar only lasts 7 hours. I am guessing that Dr. Luke speaks quite quickly. And efficiently.

I do have some questions about all of this. Like. If you were CEO of “A” hospital, do you have perfect knowledge of “hospitals?”

Bottom Line. But seriously. I sort of like the idea of having someone from the other side of the desk provide an introduction to what for many of us is an unknown world. I am thinking that this approach might have some generalized applicability. Is it going to be worth the participants’ money? I am guessing that the answer is yes. 

 In what other areas might our industry benefit from having a territory guide like Josh?

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