What Medicine Can Learn From The Amish

Check this out. What you will see is a story with a lot of dimensions. You will learn what it takes for a newly minted Physician to decide to become the doctor in a community of fewer than 800 souls, many of them Amish or Mennonite. You will learn what it takes to gain the trust of these “plain people,” and how their nontraditional perspectives on birth and death taught this doctor new ways to look at life.

AND. You will learn that because the community freely intermarries, disorders caused by a genetic mutation, that would usually be quickly wiped out in the broader population, can run rampant here. And thus, become easier for geneticists and other scientists to study. 

Bottom Line. In brief, this article is a fascinating juxtaposition of high-end genetic science and basic religious belief. In the end, the latter wins out. Gelassenheit, the German word for the “yielding of oneself to a higher authority,” is what the Amish people, and this doctor who serves them, are all about.

Nice. No “physician burnout” here.

Something to think about!!!

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