What Is Your Mental Image Of An “Expensive Medicare Patient?”

Do me a favor. Conjure up that image before you check this out.

Odds are, like me, you are picturing a patient who has spent a really protracted period in the hospital running up a major tab of tests and bed charges, and/or has been readmitted to the hospital multiple times. 

Nope. The most expensive patients rack up their bills as outpatients, with a combination of outpatient treatment costs and medication expenses being the causative factors here.  Moreover, these patients also tend to be not only the most expensive patients in a given year, but year after year as well.  

AND. I bet you believe that many of the costs incurred by expensive Medicare patients are wasted money. NOPE. As this article reveals, only a relatively small percentage of expensive patients’ expenses represents money flushed down the drain.  

Bottom Line.  Ah, the risk of making assumptions!

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