What Happens When A Doctor Says He Is Mentally Ill???

Check this out. You will see the answer. You will see that when a young, highly trained vascular surgeon admits that he has suicidal ideations, he is not likely to be going back into the operating room very soon. Or at all. You will learn about one such doctor who traded the OR lights for stage lights, and now speaks about mental illness as a way to get people to join the conversation and move toward openness about mental health.  

Got a couple of minutes? Watch the video on the left. In 3 minutes, you will see Dr. Su start to realize that he was mentally ill when he seriously considered jumping off a bridge during a Cub Scout hike that he was leading. Take another couple of minutes with the video on the right side of the page, and you will hear him talk about “framing” discussions not around mental illness, but around mental health. Talking about goals and small step accomplishments as if they related to “leg day at the gym.”

Bottom Line. I think we need more Dr. Su’s!!!

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