What Does “Trust” Mean To A Patient???

What Does Trust Mean To A Patient?

Take a couple of minutes to read this “essay.”  Funny.  We use words like “trust” all the time, without stopping to ponder their meaning.  BUT. As this Ob/Gyn makes crystal clear, we should stop and think about such words.  When we do, we can come to some very important realizations.

For example, as this article points out, trust is at the center of the physician-patient relationship, which in turn is at the heart of the practice of medicine.

AND. For the physician-patient relationship to work, each party must trust the other.

Finally. Patient trust results from a complicated combination of things that the doctor controls, things that the patient controls and things that are inherent in the situation in which they find themselves. Think about that trichotomy when you read the cases that the blogger describes in this post.

Bottom Line. Trust. A simple word. Or maybe not!

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