What Does A Burned Out Anesthesiologist Do?

Go here to find out. The answer? She sets up a business helping other physicians to avoid or overcome burnout. She holds seminars and webinars. She trains other doctors to be “peer coaches” and “mentors.” She helps doctors who feel that they must leave the clinical medicine to decide what to do next.  

Roam around the site a little bit. Get a feel for this kind of business. I have sent you to similar offerings before. And probably will again. Why? Because I think they are an important trend that we need to keep an eye on.

Bottom Line. I believe that the pharmaceutical industry needs to get involved in supporting ventures like this one. Using our vast resources to help to make all such offerings better. Helping physicians to sort out the good ones from the bad ones. Is doing so tantamount to messing with the “marketing minefields” of supporting a social position that I wrote about yesterday?  


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