What Doctors Can Learn From Taxi Drivers

Today, I have for you a one-two punch. I am going to send you to two URL’s. No extra charge.

Here is the first one. An important little vignette about a physician who hopped into a cab for the first time in several years. Once ensconced, she got to thinking about how much the cabbies’ lives have changed in a world where Uber and Lift hold sway. What are their lives like now, she wondered, when compared with the way things used to be? What does the balance sheet of a taxi company look like in 2019? And then she realized. Just as taxi cabs have become largely obsolete, physician practices too are in jeopardy of becoming dinosaurs. What will cause this? Who knows. Telemedicine, do-it-yourself medicine, Amazon medicine? All possible, as are a bunch of other potential paradigm shifters.  

Here is the second one. The  Web presence of the Pediatrician who wrote the article I sent you to, above. Look at it for a few moments. Here is a doctor who is following her own advice for doctors to develop business savvy, and  to use it in their practices. Note the “Ivy League” name. Check her background. With all due respect, I don’t see any “ivy” there.  

Then there are the sales of earrings for “medical ear-piercing patients,” video testimonials, etc.

Bottom Line. Here is my question. If it is really time for physician practices to go the way of the dinosaur, will any of these “business” interventions save the bacon? I’m going with No. If there is anything that doctors can learn from cabbies, it is that when the end comes, it will be merciless and unavoidable.  

What do you think?

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