What Do Meghan Markle And American Physicians Have In Common???

I haven’t posted about Dr. Pamela Wible in 2021. I covered her several times in 2020. Her dedication is to the concept of “Ideal Medical Care,” which in her view must satisfy the needs of both patients and physicians to be sustainable.

But in fact, most of the posts I wrote about Pamela dealt with her dedication to understanding and preventing physician suicide. After my multiple posts centered around the theme that physicians have the highest suicide rate of any profession, I figured you had gotten the point and I moved on.    

Then I found a new piece by Wible that offers a fascinating comparison. Check this out. What you will see is a comparison between a Duchess and a Doctor. As revealed by the recent interview with Oprah, things got sufficiently bad for Meghan during her time in the Royal Family that she considered suicide. When she asked for help from the “firm,” she was told to just maintain a stiff upper lip. As Pamela demonstrates in this piece, doctors are largely told to do the same thing. If that doesn’t suffice, we see here the laundry list of gyrations doctors have to go through to seek mental health care without being found out. Travel long distances! Use an assumed name! Pay cash for care! It should not be lost on any of us that a doctor being forced to go through these machinations to get assistance with mental health problems is quite likely to have these problems get worse. Much worse!

Bottom Line. Amazing! And very unfortunate!!! Pamela has been on this MD suicide prevention crusade for years now, and this is still the way things are. Even with the pandemic raging and physicians stressed now more than ever.Thought question. What will be required to change this dreadful set of circumstances???

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