What “Compassion” Should An Emergency Room Provide?

Check this out. What you will see is an ER doc with a real dilemma. What he has in front of him is a homeless alcoholic who does not have a specific medical condition that would legitimate him occupying a bed in the Emergency Room for the night. The problem is, if he is discharged he will literally be out in the cold, sent to sleep on the frozen streets. BUT. The beds in the ER are full, and another patient might well show up needing the bed that “Mr. Green,” a frequent flyer in this ER, is currently occupying. Catch 22.  

What happens? He gets discharged, only to be wheeled back in by another EMS a few hours later to spend the night. 

Bottom Line. What is the point here? Simple. Physicians don’t just have to deal with “medical” problems. All kinds of societal issues make their ways into ER’s and doctors’ offices. Pharmaceutical companies claim that they want to be “customer-centric.” Then add the story above, and similar tales, to the list of things that your customers are thinking about as we go to them to sell our drugs.  

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