What are the Appropriate Boundaries for a “Concierge Practice???”

Ah, to be a concierge internist in Boca Raton, FL. Yup. The website for one such physician is the source of the swipe art pictured above. Idyllic, right? But maybe not so fast! Check this out.

In a Boca Raton concierge practice, you are likely to encounter the kind of patient talked about here. A patient closing in on 90 years of age who apparently had a bad fall, didn’t know why and wanted to come into the office to get “checked out.” Understandably, the physician believed, and explained to the patient several times, that “checking out” here was going to require imaging, and thus a trip to the hospital. Not surprising that the patient didn’t want to go to the hospital during a pandemic, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Here’s the punchline. The patient wants his concierge fee money back because the doctor was not living up to his contract, which promised “same day” office visits for “acute” situations. Somehow, the line of reasoning that said that heart attacks, automobile accidents, possible brain injuries, and similar cases were not the kinds of acute problems that were under discussion here was lost on this patient. 

Bottom Line. Once again, this discussion had me scratching my head. On one side, we have “contract wording.” On the other side, we have “rational thinking” and “common sense.” Somehow, which of those should be the primary consideration in a situation like this seems obvious.

But apparently not!

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