Want To Know If You Are Going To Get Breast Cancer???

If you do want to get in touch with this rather important piece of information, I have good news and bad news. Check this out. What you will see is that the FDA has now authorized 23andMe to report out three mutations of the BRCA gene as part of its genetic testing kits aimed at consumers. Good news, but here’s kicker. These are only three of the thousand or more mutations of the BRCA gene that can lead to breast cancer. AND those with the mutation have only an increased risk of breast cancer, not a death sentence. AND, the FDA makes it clear that such consumer tests are not to be used as the basis for treatment decisions. Bottom Line. So here’s the question. Given all of the caveats, when and why should a worried consumer use this test? If you are an Ashkenazi Jewish woman who fears you might have this mutation specific to your heritage, wouldn’t you be better off going for professional genetic testing and counseling to begin with? I’m thinking, yes you would!

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