Visits To Primary Care Physicians Are On The Decline

Check this out. What you will see is a report indicating that office visits to PCP’s have dropped significantly over the last several years. So, you think, the patients are showing up to see NP’s and PA’s? Not so fast. This report also indicates that the rise in visits to the non-physician providers, as the chart above demonstrates, accounts for only half of the lost PCP visits. As another surprise, you will also see commentary indicating that any shift from physician to non-physician providers is NOT providing the cost savings that one would anticipate. Bottom Line. While I found these statistics to be interesting, this report left me with three questions.  First, if only half of the PCP shortfall is accounted for by non-physician providers, where the heck did the rest of the visits go?  Second, how can there be no cost savings if visits shift from physicians to non-physicians? Third, what does this trend mean for our businesses?    Inquiring minds want to know!

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