Vaping Irony

Check this out. What you will see is the work of a medical writer asking a good question. Why, a full 50 years after cigarette advertising was banned on TV, are we still seeing advertisements for Juul being televised?  

I get it. It takes regulatory bodies a while to develop regulations responsive to new developments. But here I have two problems. First, as I have noted in previous posts, reasonable minds could have seen the health hazards of vaping coming a mile away. What bad could possibly happen when you take our old friend nicotine, throw in some THC and fruit flavoring and Lord knows what else, and put it all in an oil that will coat the inside of your lungs? Right!

AND. Every night as we watch the National News, we see Lester Holt reporting on more and more deaths resulting from vaping. These are not the slow deaths like killed my father after 30 years of smoking unfiltered Camels. Nope. These are kids, often dying in a matter of weeks after they start vaping. This is different. This is an emergency.

Bottom Line. SO. Given all of that the question resonates in my mind. How long will it take for regulations (Federal? State? Local?) to catch up to this problem and control the manufacture and marketing of these products?

How long indeed???

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