Vaccine Doses Are Piling Up???

Talk about feast or famine. Check this out. What you will see is a Bloomberg report that indicates that while overall use of the COVID-19 vaccine doses supplied is high, there are States where over one third of doses are still in inventory. See the map, above. Interpretation?  These States are slowing down in inoculation demand, well below the level of immunizations required to reach herd immunity. This is clearly of concern, and requires immediate attention.

And a couple other facts to note about this observation. First, while it was the black population that was formerly thought to be most reticent about receiving the vaccine, it is now white evangelicals who are of greatest concern.

AND. The impact of the “pause” in the use of the J&J vaccine due to side effects concerns is only likely to raise the level of vaccine fear, with the specific resolution of this issue being of significant import. 

Bottom Line. Fascinating that in some States people are still scrambling full throttle to get vaccinated, while in others stockpiles are building.  And that is what happens when 50 independent governmental units are put in charge of a program for which each and every one of them was totally unprepared!

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