Tweets, Likes, and Liabilities

I can’t top the title that the author of this book serves up, so I am not going to try to conjure up some hokey label. Just check this out. What you will see is a book, penned by an attorney, that outlines the liabilities that can befall a healthcare professional who participates in social media, online services, etc. No, I don ‘t expect you to read the book. And no, I am not plunking down $60 and promising you that I will report out on the content of the book later. I won’t.

I will, however, suggest that you take a quick and free look at the list of the topics covered by book shown here. Topics like “Who Owns the Content in our Website” and “Astroturfing, Fake Reviews,  Real Consequences.” Oh, and then there is a “state by state” review of laws governing checking social media as part of your personnel selection process. Yikes!

Bottom Line. I am thinking that certainly I, and maybe you, need some consciousness raising on 2019 issues that we didn’t know were issues. Finding out about the legality of such matters when you see your web copy on somebody else’s site, or when the subpoena comes to your doorstep, might just be a little too late! 

On second thought, I am now thinking that for anyone who touches the social media, not just healthcare professionals, the purchase of this book might indeed be $60 well spent!

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