Check this out. What you will see will not shock you in terms of substance. Sure, hacking can be done. No surprise there. 

BUT. This piece may surprise you in terms of the order of magnitude of the problems encountered with patient data platforms. One login permits access to 4 million patient records. Cybercriminals scoring $21B with ransomware in 2020. Etc.

Bottom Line. Hidden between the lines here seems to be an interesting, if not surprising, piece of information. The more standardization and interoperability that gets built into systems, the more they are vulnerable to being hacked. Which is unfortunate since standardization is generally seen as a good thing in platform development.

Another realization underscored here is that the more companies yield to patient demand to have access to their own data, the more vulnerable patient information becomes to security breaches.  Translated, if a platform is set up to make it easy for patients to use, it’s likely going to be easy for hackers to use as well. 

AND. Wrapped around all of this is the message that this situation is likely to keep getting worse in the foreseeable future unless somebody wearing a white hat has an epiphany on how cybersecurity related to healthcare records really needs to be handled.

Fingers crossed!

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