Transformation-Take Two

Yesterday, we discussed the fact that one of the states a hospitalist reported going through as he deals with treating COVID patients is “transformation.” Over the course of the last two months, he has come to understand that the “scrubs” have let the “suits” take over and ruin medicine. He is now vowing to stand up and be counted in the fight for good healthcare and for better physician quality of life.  

Here’s another one.  A self-proclaimed one minute read that implores doctors to “wake up” and start living the lives that they want to be living, rather than continue to be abused into living someone else’s.

Bottom Line. “Wake up.” I am betting that as we come out of the pandemic, you are going to hear expressions of that theme a lot. Doctors and Nurses have doubtless been jerked around enough, with 15 hour shifts, lack of PPE, etc., that they are indeed likely to want to seek out a better lot in life. AND. Being used as political footballs and being yelled at by gun toting demonstrators demanding to be “liberated” so that they can crowd the ICU’s will likely fan the flame.  

There’s only one question. Will medical professionals be able to get organized enough to get changes made? Banding together has never been their strong suit, which is how they find themselves in their current situation. 

We shall see!


  • This is timely!

    I’m teaching a Graduate level class at Drexel on Strategic Planning in Public Health and Health Care. We’re in week 6 of classes and one of the groups of students are collaborating to build a model pandemic strategic plan for a suburban hospital. In office hours today we talked about this ‘suit’ vs ‘scrub’ dynamic, though not in such clear terms. (Thanks for that, it’s a great image.)

    I’ve forwarded this blog to them for their consideration in the next iteration of their plan. I think you’ll pick up some more readers!

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