Toy Magnets

Yes, toy magnets. Check this out. What you will see is one strange story. The story of tiny magnets that are sold, in kits with such names as Zen Magnets, which may contain as many as 200 individual magnets each the size of a pencil point. As I am sure you are already envisioning, you can attach these little guys to one another, forming all kinds of fun shapes and figures.

Yeah, BUT! Kids can swallow these things, and when they do bad things happen. Perforated bowels and such.  

But here’s the strange part. Way back in 2014, The Feds realized the safety hazard posed by these rare earth magnets being marketed and recalled them. Makes sense. BUT. In 2016, a court vacated the recall order, and the magnets are once again back on sale and making their way into kids’ bellies.  

Bottom Line. Isn’t it just great when a dollop of common sense winds up being blown away by an act of legal stupidity?  One step forward, two steps back and all of that.  

How much of this goes on in health care? For example, I am thinking about vaping, a substitute for smoking, now (not surprisingly) being found to carry its own risks.  

I bet there are lots of other examples. Can you come up with one?

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