Too Close for Comfort


Check out this post. What you will see is story of an Ob/Gyn who learns a lesson from a patient. A lesson about how important little gestures of support can be for a patient who has just been told that she is having a miscarriage. Little gestures like offering a quiet room for the patient to use to call her husband. Or the doctor walking out with the patient to show that she cares.

Bottom Line. In our previous post, we talked about the importance of understanding “trust” in the physician patient relationship. What does it mean? How does a doctor create it?

So. Today’s word is “support.” And the questions are the same. What does it mean? How does a doctor create it? 

What other words/concepts like this are important for us to understand? Hint. Spend some time roaming around the site from which we pulled this post.  See if you can come up with another word or two that will help to tune your ear to “voices from the heart of medicine.”

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