This is Really Pathetic!!!

Check this out. What you will find is an article reporting that female physicians, on average, make $2 Million less than their male counterparts do over the course of their careers. Sure, their work/life balance might favor the home front somewhat more than the guys, but $2 Million worth??? And this study is adjusted for hours worked!!!

And, just to round out the pathos, recall the studies I have posted here previously, that found that women actually tend to be better doctors then men. More compassionate, greater attention to detail.  My last two concierge internists have been females, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Bottom Line. Beyond the inherent injustice of pay inequity, the author goes on to point out that all of this sends a very troubling message to women considering a career in medicine. And this, my friends, is the last thing we need in an era where good doctors, in fact, any doctors, are hard to come by!!!

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