He may be a country doctor, but he makes a lot of very good points in his posts. And this an especially good one. In it, he makes the point that in business, the only rewards that you can really sell people are good feelings and the solutions to problems. In Primary Care, it’s a little different. In that setting, he explains, people also show up looking for one or both of two kinds of rewards. The straightforward one is the relief of their pain. Yup. The other outcome people are seeking is for the physician to assuage their fears. Yup again.

My ThinkGen colleagues and I are spending a lot of time working on Habits. Habits of doctors. Habits of patients. I’ve told you about that already. One of the most fascinating parts of the exploration of physician habits is gaining a better understanding what “rewards” build strong physician habits. For example, I talked to a colleague of mine who is an expert in marketing pharmaceutical products to Oncologists. She told me about a fascinating “day in the life of” study she did with that specialty. I asked her the most important thing she learned. Her response was that she had learned that Oncologists weren’t really looking for “good drugs.” They were looking for drugs that made them look like heroes.

Bottom Line. Think about it. What do doctors get out of prescribing your product? Relieves pain or quells fears? Better be one or both of those, or something else that is really reinforcing. That’s what patients are looking for, so that is what doctors are looking for. 

Think about it!

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