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Elizabeth Carger

Vice President

Habit EngineeringSM

What do you think is the biggest challenge that our clients face today?

Breaking out of familiar pathways of research and getting the leadership support to try new methods that can reach beyond the comfort zone but open new pathways for innovation and creative communication strategies.

What do you think has changed the most about market research since you began your career?

Talking about unconscious drivers and motivators used to be met with a LOT of skepticism. Over the past 16 years that has changed and most researchers recognize that we need to try to uncover the real, less easily discovered frames and drivers of behavior. Now it is more a question of the best ways to do that, less about proving that we need to do that.

What health topics are you most interested in/passionate about?

I’ve worked with the addiction and recovery community for many years. While understanding of addiction has changed somewhat over time and therapists are amazing resources for addicts and their families, there have still been very few concrete medical advances in treating addiction. I am always looking for information about this, as well as other mental health problems that sit in this juncture between the physical and the psychological.

Are you involved as a volunteer for any non-profit group or association?

I volunteer at a women’s rehabilitation in-patient facility in Wisconsin called Beacon House. They treat women from ages 15-100 with addictions ranging from alcoholism to IV heroin. They are one of the (very) few places in Wisconsin that allow moms to have overnight visits or even partial residency with their children and they take a whole-family approach to treatment. I’m also very involved in the arts and teach pottery wheel-throwing.