The Uncertain Future Of Medical Meetings

Check this out. What you will see is a very thought-provoking article concerning the future of medical meetings. Interesting stuff. Like many activities pre-pandemic, physicians historically dealt with medical meetings primarily out of habit. Those that attended them did so routinely. Same conferences every year. Not a lot of decision making involved. Those who stayed away also did so out of habit.

But along comes the pandemic, and medical meetings ground to a halt, likely for a total period of two years. So, here’s the question. When the all clear is sounded and medical meetings start up again, will anybody go?

This article makes a good point. Medical meetings are sort of an anachronism. In the good old days, it was important for doctors to show up in “The Grand Ballroom” to find out the year’s most important developments in their specialty. But now is different. Developments happen daily, not annually, and digital media ensure rapid dissemination of the latest and greatest.

Bottom Line. My conversations with physicians for my On Doctors’ MindsSM project has revealed that physician reconsideration of previously habitual behavior has been a major result of the pandemic. Doctors used to see Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives out of habit. Now they question whether this is worthwhile. Office based doctors used to avoid getting involved in telemedicine out of habit. The pandemic forced them to reconsider this decision. And then there is attendance at medical meetings…

SO. What will the “New Normal” actually look like???

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