The Trauma of Medical School Leads to the Trauma of Medical Practice

I am going to offer you a choice. You can click here and listen to a quick trailer. What you will hear is Dr. Pamela Wible, the expert on physician suicide and ideal physician practice we have quoted many times before, describe her own traumatic journey from jumping over the hurdles of medical school to realizing that her “reward” for doing so was a life of 7-minute patient visits in private practice. Her resulting brush with suicidal ideology, and her subsequent dedication to helping physicians avoid committing suicide, are colorfully explained. 

AND/OR. You can delve deeper into the various explorations of “trauma” that are contained in the other short video offered on Dr. Wible’s site. For a “small donation,” you can even register and watch a much more extensive presentation on trauma in medicine, impacting physicians and patients alike. 

Bottom Line. Funny. When we think about “trauma” as it relates to medicine, we are usually focused on automobile accidents and gun shot wounds. BUT. As we see quite clearly here, there are actually far more insidious and pervasive forms of psychological trauma that need to be considered!

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