The “Power of the Personal”

Check this out. In this brief video, you will see the neurologist pictured above, who pontificates under the pen name “Dr. Wisdom,” describe a trick that he learned over his decades working with his colleagues at Kaiser. One such colleague, a Dr. Edelson, taught him the “My wife had that” technique.” Huh? It works like this. Rather than going off on a long scientific riff to explain a condition to a patient, Dr. Edelson’s approach sounds like this: “You have the HurtsLikeHell Syndrome. My wife had that a few years back, and she’s doing fine.” Especially in a field like neurology, where the pathophysiology is often unknown and treatments are aimed at symptom relief rather than cure, using this tactic rather than a long scientific riff that goes nowhere is likely of great benefit.

Bottom Line. We are now finding this to be true in convincing our 10,000 patients at the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic on Hilton Head Island, SC to get their COVID vaccinations. Rather than making an argument based on science, our clinicians are basing their appeal on trust. Our patients are told: “You can believe that this vaccine is safe, because we all had it and we’re fine.” 

The personal, rather than the technical, often is the better explanation. 

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