The Physician “Facts” of Covid

Check this out. What you will see is a hospitalist talking about the FACTS (Fearful, Angry, Courageous, Transformed, Stressed) that are the states that he experiences in response to the now frequently heard question, “How are you holding up?”  

Since the other four states largely speak for themselves, I’d like to focus on his discussion of “Transformation.” Importantly, this blogging physician concurs with the graffiti on the left side of the pictured hospital door that “Storms don’t last forever.” BUT. What you see here is the protestation by this blogging physician that the impacts of this storm WILL last forever. Why? Because he has realized as the result of his pandemic experience that healthcare in America is badly broken and that he has been just doing his “job” and doing nothing to help to fix the system. In this piece, he has vowed to maintain a different stance in the future. He believes that he has been transformed by the COVID experience and is looking to transform healthcare as a result.

Bottom Line. In recent weeks, I’ve talked to several other physicians who are feeling the same way. They are NOT ready, willing or even able to go back to “business as usual” when the pandemic dies down. How many physicians feel this way? How many will act on this feeling?

We shall see!

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