The Pandemic And Medical Malpractice

Want to know what one of the longest-term side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be? Easy one! Growing numbers of malpractice cases against physicians and hospitals.  

Check this out. What you will see is a primer on the changing face of healthcare litigation resulting from the coronavirus. Example. Oncologists in my On Doctors’ MindsSM study are telling me that they are seeing “stage shifting,” i.e., patients presenting with later and less treatable forms of cancer due to delayed/missed colonoscopies, mammograms, etc. What if these delays were caused by a hospital shutting down “non-emergency procedures?” Liability???

AND. If a case is filed, what impact on outcomes results from the trial being conducted via Zoom???  

Bottom Line. Explore any of the topics included in this article’s pull downs. And remember. The healthcare institutions and practitioners being discussed here are our customers. What impact do we think this all will have on them…and on your business???

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