The Next Round Of Apple Wearables

Apple Wearables The graphic above is drawn from a patent application that Apple has filed for a biosensor ring. Health, security and other applications are foreseen for this logical next step following the successful introduction of the Apple Watch. Take a look! Bottom Line. Yup! As we have commented previously, we can look forward to Apple and others introducing a continuous string of wearable hardware over the course of the next few years. The real question still remains, however, as to when the data forthcoming from these devices will be turned into information, insights and behavioral change. While Apple has been assiduous in introducing such accessories as new designer bands for the Watch, they have been far less productive in terms of demonstrating meaningful outcomes resulting from its use. Hopefully, their approach to the ring will be different. If not, they may be reinventing the “mood ring” popular in the 1970’s. Whoopee!!!

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