The New CME???

Check this out.  What you will see is an offer of a program designed to teach physicians how to become successful passive real estate investors. Translated, that means how they can make money on real estate without “becoming a landlord.” 

Something of interest is happening here. If you scroll down, you will see the promise that if a physician masters earning money through passive income, she can practice medicine on her “own terms.” A viable approach to reducing physician burnout???  

All well and good. But here another interesting part. A physician can earn 5 CME Credits (In the “Personal Finance and Physician Wellbeing Curriculum”) for taking this course. Is this kind of program going to become the “CME” of the future?

Bottom Line. As I read all of this, I am left to wonder as to how a physician, already under tremendous professional time pressures, is supposed to find time to take this course, participate in a Facebook group with other likeminded investors, etc. I also ponder the impact of all of this on the “physician shortage,” as we lose clinical hours rather than whole physicians in the process.  

Dr. Glenna Crooks, our new NETWORKSAGE Advisor at ThinkGen, would tell us that doctors striking out in this new direction will have significant changes in their Life Networks, and thus is their lives. They will be coming into contact with significant numbers of new types of people that will support them/they will support. For us, that means significant changes in the makeup of the customers that we will be dealing with in the future.

We will need to keep our eyes on this one!


  • So, in other words….physicians need a side gig to be able to afford to practice medicine… wacky is that…though I know it may well be true.

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