The Longer, Broader Patient Journey

Check this out. What you will see is a post indicating that in Pediatric Oncology, as in so many specialties, we need to take a longer and broader view of the “patient journey.” We need a longer view because with pediatric cancer, as with many other conditions, the diagnosis unfortunately starts not only an acute course of therapy, but potentially triggers a lifelong series of varied complications.  We also need a broader view, since a diagnosis frequently activates responses by many of the patient’s “Life Networks,” and her “Event Network”  as described by my colleague Dr. Glenna Crooks in her most recent book.  

Bottom Line. In conducting patient journey research, we need to be thinking much “bigger” than we have been up to this point. For example, I haven’t typically thought of family bankruptcy as a part of the patient journey. As pointed out in this piece, in a sad number of cases, it can be!

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