The Courage of Noncombatants

Check this out.  What you will see is an article penned by a doctor who is clearly very pissed off. Why? It is really quite simple. An Anesthesiologist, she is really quite tired of reading articles accusing physicians of “mugging” their patients for money. What do these pundits actually understand, she wants to know, about what it is like to go to work every morning hoping she doesn’t kill anybody? It is easy, she believes, for journalists to criticize from the sidelines, showing all the “courage of noncombatants.”

Apples to oranges. This blogging physician specifically notes the irony of the thinking of economists, cited in a recent Washington Post article, that were incensed that U.S. physicians make “more money” than do their counterparts. Stipulated, but foreign physicians are not saddled with the student debt load, malpractice insurance premiums and other huge administrative overhead costs that burden U.S. doctors. 

Bottom Line. If this physician-bashing yellow journalism continues, this author predicts, bright young people will increasingly be choosing careers other than medicine. Who wants to go through all the training, have all the stress, and still get bashed on a daily basis?

Maybe they will all become economists. Then what?

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