The Cost Of Insulin Is “Through The Roof”

Why do people feel compelled to add editorial comments when describing the price of drugs?  Check this out.

I always scratch my head when I see inflammatory terminology being used to describe the price of drugs in the U.S.  Phrases like “through the roof” and “we have to do better.” My strong sense here is that the comparative prices in different countries should be allowed to speak for themselves. Where is the threshold in drug pricing where such terminology kicks in? Do patients in the U.S. subsidize other countries’ drug pricing in 2019? Sure. So what else is news? I have been hearing this same theme for the 40 years+ I have worked in the healthcare vertical. BUT. Are the inequalities being resolved? 

Bottom Line. The kicker here, folks, is this blogging physician’s assertion that these are the problems that you get “when health care is for profit.” This just in. Pharmaceutical products are made by private companies with shareholders who do, indeed, expect the companies to make a profit. Apparently lots of people don’t understand that. While what they say they are seeking is price reduction, what they are actually seeking is a fundamental change in the business model of the pharmaceutical industry.  

And then what?

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