The “Charting Coach”

Who would have thunk it??? Check this out. What you will see is a family physician who has made a business out of helping physicians free themselves up from the heartbreak of charting “backlog.” Doctor after doctor with whom I have spoken, especially in recent years, has reported having problems in this area. One physician comes to mind who had been up at 4:30 AM the Friday of our conversation, busily pounding away at patient charting. He reported that he would be similarly occupied that night, and well into Saturday morning.

Bottom Line. The major point of this “Charting Coach” is that backlogs are better avoided than dealt with ex post facto. For example, charting after each patient visit is much more efficient, and more psychologically healthy, than doing all of the charts at the end of the clinical day.  

Words to live by in our own careers! “I can always do it  later” is typically not a good thing to be saying to yourself!!!

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