The Cartoon Shrink

It’s an easy post today. No profound points being offered for you to ponder.  

BUT. I still have a URL that I think is worth a little bit of your time. Check it out.

Just roam around a little bit. What you will see is the work of a psychiatrist who uses stick cartoons and brief thought bubbles to communicate  some very important and complex thoughts. For example, check out the one on blood clots and the J&J vaccine. In a few frames, the low risk of the side effect, the reason it happens, the side effects to look out for and what to do when they do are all covered. Or think about the cartoon, later in the series, that explains narcissism in terms that a non-psychiatrist can understand.  

Bottom Line. Think about a communications challenge in your own job that might be handled very well by using such simple techniques rather than a lengthy and complicated PowerPoint slide show!  

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