The Best Apps For Physicians???

Check this out.  What you will see is a list that purports to hold forth some of the best apps available for doctors. Don’t spend a lot of time looking at this. You will just get a headache. As I did a quick review of this list, a couple of things occurred to me. They include:

  • Many of these apps seem like they would make better books than apps. I can’t quite get in touch with learning to treat Heart Failure by looking at my iPhone.
  • I also cannot quite picture being able to find a requisite app on the phone of the average doctor. If she starts to populate her smart phone with an app for every medical purpose, the cafeteria of choices would rapidly become rather unwieldy.

This article got me to thinking. What role(s) should apps play in the hands of medical professionals? I’m thinking that apps for HCP’s should put information into their hands, and maybe computational abilities, that they need to access quickly. And frequently. Does the average doctor need an app that helps him to interpret x-rays? I am going with nope! How about one that teaches her how to help patients to quit smoking? Sorry, but nope again!

Bottom Line. If such a plethora of “apps for doctors” gets built, my guess is that most physicians will start to tune out on the whole genre. Perhaps we should cut this tidal wave off at the pass?

Perhaps it is already too late!

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