The Algorithm Will See You Now

Check this out.  What you will see is an amazingly thorough (sorry about its length!) and well researched piece about the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the practice of medicine. Read it. It is worth your time.

Several important top lines here. First, we learn that about 33% of physicians are already making some use of AI in their practices, and we get exposed to some of the “early successes.” As I am prone to say under such circumstances, “The future is already here…It is just not widely distributed.” 

We also learn what success looks like in the application of AI to clinical practice. In a nutshell, faster and better diagnoses!

We see from surveys that doctors are almost evenly split between doctors that are bullish about the use of AI in clinical medicine, and those who are more reticent. The latter group site risks such as malware being introduced into the system as reasons for their concern.

Bottom Line. Fascinating is the fact that you will note from the article’s masthead and some of the contents that this piece was penned from the perspective of a malpractice insurance company. Yup. AI has some pretty substantial capacity to reduce the risk of malpractice suits. How? By making sure the physician doesn’t “miss something.”  

As I close many posts by saying quite candidly, you are going to want to keep your eyes on the application of AI to the practice of medicine.

AND…You may want to start to think about how you can inveigle your company’s product line into the “algo.” This could well be the crux of pharmaceutical marketing in the future!

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