Thanks To The Pandemic, Many Healthcare Workers Will Not Be Home For Christmas

An interesting day on the Sunday before Christmas, a.k.a. the fourth Sunday in Advent.

10:30 a.m. Mass at Saint Francis on Hilton Head Island found a congregation about 20% of its usual size. Pews carefully marked with red tape to make social distancing a no brainer. Big signs on the doors clearly explaining that masks are not chin decorations. They need to cover the mouth AND nose. If you want to wear a face shield, fine. But you have to wear a mask too. Etc. Virtually everybody present was complying with the letter of the law. Except for a “nice” family sitting in the rear of the church on the right side. Three people. None of them wearing masks as they sat there. I fumed!!! How could people, in that setting of all places, be so ignorant of caring about their fellow parishioners? About their fellow human beings???

And then I came home and read this. Which is sadder? The details this piece contains the way this front line worker’s life was snuffed out, slowly and agonizingly, by the virus? Or the fact that he is one of 7,000 health care workers internationally who have met this fate?

Bottom Line. I fumed again!

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