Telemedicine Is Screwing Up Primary Care

Check this out.  What you will see is commentary on Telemedicine that is as damning as it gets. The problem of telemedicine doctors writing unnecessary antibiotics to obtain higher patient satisfaction ratings has been covered here before. What has not been covered here, however, is the extent to which telemedicine is really the illegitimate child of Medicare and insurance companies, neither of which compensates doctors for any interaction with patients that is not in person. As a result, patients get caught between a rock and a hard place. For example, many telemedicine calls are the result of patients who run out of a prescription medication and can’t get an appointment to see their doctors for several weeks, dropping a dime on a teledoc. What gets lost in the process? According to this doctor, CONTINUITY! Continuity in care at the primary care physician level, he notes, has been demonstrated time after time to contribute to the quality of care delivered.

Bottom Line. At the end of the post, the blogging physician opines that insurance company greed and ignorance account for this goofy state of affairs. For heaven’s sakes. It’s 2019. There has GOT to be a way that PCP’s can get compensated without looking into their patients’ eyes, while still allowing insurance companies to make the profits they desire. Continuity of care is too big a price to pay for archaic thinking!

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